Protective Accessories for Smartphones and Tablets

The fact that smartphones and tablets become more and more advanced day after day does not mean they also become more protected. Touch-based devices will always be feebler than classic brick-shaped phones since they are built on a slimmer frame and their screens are built using liquid crystals. It’s true that newest Corning Gorilla glass technology helps protect against screen scratches and damage to a certain extent, but what happens if you accidentally drop your phone from a certain height or accidentally spill some liquid on it? In such cases its resistance is put to a heavy test and only few devices will survive against damage. Fortunately, there are a number of protective accessories designed to increase the safety of smartphones, tablets and the like.

Flip casesflipcase

These are one of the most popular device protection options used by those who travel often. They are able to protect against accidental drops as well as liquid spills. Shock protection is very good and the device will never suffer from scratches as long as the flip case is closed. However, some people consider these cases unpractical, especially those who have to make a lot of calls. Such option is recommended for frequent travelers and long trips, especially since flip cases offer highest protection. These accessories are usually made of synthetic leather but some can also be made of natural leather or feature gel insertions. Click here for some examples.

silicone caseSilicone cases

These cases wrap up on device’s back and are considered to be highly convenient by most. They do not add to device’s weight and can also improve the grip significantly. They come in different forms and style and have to be brought according to device’s dimensions. The disadvantage is that silicone cases for tablets are more rare. They also offer little to no protection for the screen, especially if the device is to fall on a sharp project. Nevertheless, these covers are great for impact damage as well as protecting device’s back panel against scratches and tearing. See examples.

gel caseGel cases

These represent one of the latest technological inventions and are easily mounted on the smartphone’s or tablet’s rear panel. They protect a lot better against accidental back damage and they also provide a finer sensation at touch. However, they are more expensive than the traditional silicone cases and their availability depends on the market. Nevertheless, some models provide universal compatibility with 5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch devices. They also come in different colours and model versions, just as in the case of silicone cases, have a look.

Screen protectorsscreen foil

Screen foils are installed very easily and have the ability to protect screen against scratches, tearing or minor liquid spill. Some device manufacturers apply these foils by default, but it’s recommended for the user to change them every 1 year. They can be purchased from different producers and can be more or less qualitative. Top-range foils are very difficult to observe and don’t restrict device touch in any manner. Users applying the foils on their own for the first time are recommended to proceed according to the instructions, as a wrong application may lead to the formation of bubbles between the foil and device’s screen. These bubbles impediment screen visibility. However, a correct application won’t pose any issues on the long term. Screen protectors come in different types and sizes to fit various phones.


Pouches are great for people who travel a lot since they protect the device against luggage bumps or scratches. However, they may prove to be unpractical when used on a daily basis due to the long time needed to get the device out of the pouch. This is especially true when speaking about people who talk a lot on their mobiles. Nevertheless, these are on high demand for tablet owners.


These type of cases are designed mostly for the protection of phone’s edges and are especially common for Samsung and Apple devices. They are usually made from plastic or rubber and are created in such manner as to add an extra layer of protection for the delicate edges (both sides as well as the upper and lower parts). It was proven that aluminum edges of phones are prone to scratching over time. Plastic ones are more resistant to this phenomenon but they are, in turn, more likely to crack in the long term. A bumper case was designed specifically to protect these edges and to ensure that in case of a lateral impact with the ground, phone will suffer from no damage.


Long used for their decorative purpose, stickers have started being increasingly more used as protective accessories. They come in a multitude of designs and can offer basic protection against scratches and environmental design. However, they are not so effective in case of ground impact as silicone or gel cases. Stickers are cheap to purchase and feature plenty of models, some fun while others more casual. They are great to use on a daily basis as they do not burden device functionality and can be applied extremely easily, even with no guidance.

These are the most common accessories used for protecting smartphones and tablets. Each of them comes with its own pros and cons, being more or less suitable for a certain category of people or devices. Additionally, it’s to be noted that their availability depends on the market where they are bought from. Users who travel a lot and are prone to accidental device damage should look forward to flip cases or protection pouches, which offer the highest durability for touch-based devices. However, those who work most of the time and need to talk or use their devices a lot are better off opting for the other protection methods, such as silicone cases, gel pads or stickers. Device compatibility is also very important, so before making a purchase ensure that the chosen case or accessory is compatible with your phone’s dimensions. Plenty of manufacturers offer protective appliances for smartphones, tablets and other touch-based devices released nowadays.

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